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Why You Should Consider a Custom Shelter: Top 5 Benefits and Uses

Are you searching for a way to shelter equipment, materials, or workers without building a permanent structure? Whether you’re searching for a temporary storage solution or need a cost-effective shelter for long-term commercial or industrial use, a customized portable shelter is an excellent option. Let’s look at the most important benefits of using a custom shelter, some examples of what custom shelters can be used for, and the best way to get a shelter tailored to your specific needs.

Top 5 Benefits of Custom Shelters

There are many advantages to installing a custom shelter, whether it’s for home, commercial, or industrial use.

A Custom Shelter Offers Protection From the Elements

The main reason for using a shelter of any kind is to provide shelter from rain, wind, snow, and sun to keep stored items safe or provide comfortable working conditions for people. Many custom shelters are used as temporary warehouse facilities to store equipment, food supplies, vehicles, or materials so they will not be damaged by water.

Custom Shelters Can be Set Up Quickly

Custom shelters can be made from lightweight materials that are easy to transport, which means that compared to building a permanent shelter, a custom poly shelter can be assembled much more rapidly. This makes custom shelters a great option in emergencies or in cases in which you need a storage solution fast. 

Custom Shelters are Very Cost-Effective 

Custom shelters are budget friendly because they don’t require the extensive labour costs or specialized tools that are needed for constructing many permanent shelters. They are also durable and require little maintenance, which reduces costs over the long term.

Custom Shelters May Offer Flexibility Because They Can be More Easily Moved

Since a custom shelter can be constructed without a permanent foundation and can be made from lightweight materials, it can be moved from one location to another. This makes custom shelters more versatile than permanent structures as they can be moved or altered to meet changing requirements. Of course, the ease of movement depends on the particular features of the custom shelter.

Custom Shelters Can be Tailored to Your Specific Needs

Custom shelters can, by definition, be designed in a variety of shapes and sizes to fulfil your requirements and there are several advantages of customization. There are several features to consider when designing your ideal shelter, from the slope of the roof, the size and type of doors, ventilation, and lighting. Slip Tube offers custom shelters for a variety of industrial and agricultural uses.

Common Uses for a Custom Shelter or Shed

The possible uses for a shelter or shed are endless, but there are some common situations that we’ve provided custom solutions for over the years. 

  • Custom Shelters for Agricultural Use

Commercial farms require safe storage spaces for machinery, crops, livestock, grain, and feed. Shelters can provide animals shade from the sun during hot weather and warmth during cold months. They also offer protection for hay, straw, animal feed, and harvested crops, by keeping out moisture that would spoil these items. Greenhouses are a type of customizable shelter that has many advantages for farmers, including extending the growing season.

  • Custom Warehouses

When you need temporary workspaces that are dry and well-ventilated, custom shelters are a great option. A warehouse space can be built to any width and height and with the type of locking or garage doors needed. At Slip Tube, our structures can also include overhead storage on the crossties of our shelters, optimizing the space.

  • Custom Shelters for Movie Sets 

Temporary shelters are ideal for creating movie sets that are only needed for a short time during filming. They can also be used to store filming equipment, props, and costumes, as well as to provide shelter from the elements for actors and production staff for dining, changing, or resting in between shoots.

  • Custom Shelters for Vehicle Storage and Maintenance

Whether you’re looking to store a boat or RV over the winter, need a safe place to park industrial or agricultural vehicles, or need a temporary hangar for a small aircraft, a custom poly shelter is a cost-effective option for preventing corrosion due to the elements. This structure also provides a dry workspace for workers cleaning, detailing, painting, or otherwise maintaining vehicles and equipment.

How to Choose the Best Custom Shelter for Your Needs

Given the diverse uses for shelters, it’s important to carefully consider your requirements when designing your custom shelter. At Slip Tube, we have more than 30 years of experience with manufacturing custom shelters for clients to meet a range of commercial and industrial needs.

Depending on the local climate where you are, one important consideration is whether your custom shelter needs to withstand heavy snow loading. We offer two different shapes for our structures: the peaked Gothic design which provides natural snow shedding due to its steeper roof slope, and the Round design. We also consult engineers to ensure your custom shelter is designed to meet your requirements.

Other customizable options for your shelter or shed include the size, colour, height, shape, foundation, and entrance requirements. Our most popular shelters are the 40-foot-wide shelter, the 30-foot wide shelter, and the side-entry shelter. Any size shelter can use concrete blocks or containers as a foundation. Regardless of the size and shape of the shelter, you can also choose ventilation and heating options that meet your needs. Contact one of our helpful custom shelter experts today to learn more about how we can help you find a solution for your shelter needs.