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Solutions for Greenhouses and Shelters in Areas with Heavy Snow Loading

Greenhouse roofs aren’t designed to withstand the same amount of weight and pressure from snow as roofs on houses. Greenhouse growers in cold climates that receive heavy snowfall annually often need custom solutions to protect their crops and their structures from snow. At SlipTube, we serve clients that deal with a variety of seasonal weather […]


Retrofitting Existing Greenhouses for Light Deprivation

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a full-time grower, you want a light deprivation system that fits your greenhouse precisely and provides all the crop yield and efficiency benefits that you’re looking for. At Slip Tube, we don’t just sell light deprivation systems — we design and fabricate them in-house. This means we can provide a […]


Automated Light Deprivation: Is it Worth the Cost?

Light deprivation systems are crucial for many greenhouse operations. Artificially manipulating the day and night cycle in your greenhouse space can encourage crops to flower several times in a year, rather than just in a single season, leading to increased crop yields, more manageable harvests, and a more regular source of income.


Advantages of Exterior Light Deprivation Systems Over Interior

Light deprivation systems are an important component of many greenhouse setups. Plant growth and flowering cycles are strongly influenced by seasonal light levels, and greenhouse growers have perfected techniques for manipulating those natural cycles through the use of artificial UV lighting and artificial light deprivation.


All About Greenhouses

Greenhouses come with an array of requirements depending on what the structure will be utilized for, and we are well aware of how to suit these needs. Providing top of the line and affordable greenhouses has been a pinnacle to our business. At the forefront are greenhouses that can be automated or provide light deprivation […]