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4 Advantages of Customization in Portable Sheds and Shelters

Temporary greenhouse structures and portable sheds and shelters are convenient and cost-effective for a variety of commercial, agricultural, and personal uses. But out-of-the-box, prefabricated structures can only go so far — for some purposes, customization is preferable, or even required.

At Slip Tube, we build all of our structures in-house, to exactly meet our customers’ specifications. Our unique fabrication process allows us to easily customize structures for shipment, and modify or partially rebuild existing structures when customer needs change, or when operations grow. There are a variety of reasons why the ability to customize is such a huge advantage in portable sheds and shelters.

Portable Sheds Can be Easily Modified or Extended

Our portable sheds and shelters are fabricated from domestic steel in uniform pipe widths, so we can easily build extensions for an existing building, or modify a shed — even one built by a competitor. Over the years, we’ve had customers make requests for a variety of customizations, such as increased interior span, holes in the shelter walls to accommodate conveyors, and non-standard heights (for example, extra tall shelters to accommodate boats in drydock).

At Slip Tube we have our own in-house metal fabrication shop, which allows us to control all of the modifications we make to our portable sheds. We also keep records of all of our custom projects and designs. If a customer calls us, even years after an initial order, we can refer to their records to find out the exact specs of their existing structure to allow for maximum efficiency when we create the modifications. We can really get as complicated as we want with our shelters — which allows us to meet the needs of customers in a wide range of industries.

Customizable Portable Sheds are Easier to Ship and Assemble

Prefabricated portable sheds and shelters are convenient for hobbyists, but they’re often restrictive in terms of their dimensions and practical uses. Shipping can be more costly with a fully prefabricated structure, as there is less ability to disassemble it and pack efficiently. At Slip Tube, our custom portable sheds, shelters and greenhouses can be taken apart, packaged and shipped easily even to remote locations, and then assembled on site. We have customers in very isolated regions where it would be impractical to get a whole building team out — our custom shelters are ideal for these types of situations because they’re very easy to set up with minimal tools and personnel.

With customization, we can also create structures that adhere to local permitting laws, while remaining much cheaper than a permanent structure.

If you have purchased a prefab shelter and you need it altered or tailored to better meet your needs, this is something that we can do. Our use of domestic steel in standardized piping sizes makes it a no-brainer to create add-ons for existing structures and previously fabricated shelters. Since domestic steel tends to be better quality than overseas products, this can also extend the life of your shed or shelter.

Customization Makes Portable Sheds More Versatile

With greenhouses, the need for customization is ever-present, and the style of greenhouse you need can vary depending on your area, the climate and season, and the types of crops that you’re growing.

We offer greenhouse solutions for rain capture, to save water and improve efficiency for crop irrigation, while also reducing unwanted water collection around the greenhouse structure. This can be very useful for retail nurseries and other applications where saving water is a concern.

Our customization can also allow for the use of exterior, mechanically operated light deprivation systems, which is an important aspect of the growing process for a variety of crops, including cannabis, mushrooms, and poinsettias.

A Custom Structure can be More Cost Effective

With Slip Tube, you pay by the foot of material. There are no hidden costs — when you purchase a custom shed from us, you’re paying for exactly what you ordered, in terms of materials and labour. You’re not incurring mysterious fees or paying extra for building components or specs that you don’t really need.

At Slip Tube, portable sheds, shelters, and greenhouses are what we do. We have many clients who return to us for modifications and customizations of existing structures, or for completely new custom designs for different projects. If you have a vision in your mind for a specific shelter that you need made, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can accommodate a large variety of interior dimensions for projects from search and rescue, to agriculture, to mining and exploration.