Why Choose Slip Tube Greenhouses?

“…We have scoured the west coast for better pricing and quality and the Slip Tube guys have the best product anywhere…”  –Will, Sno-Valley Mushrooms


  • Slip Tube Enterprises Ltd. has been manufacturing quality commercial greenhouses for agricultural operations since 1981.

Quality Materials

  • Strong frames.
  • Pre-galvanized tubing.
  • Excellent corrosion-resistance.


  • Various sizes/styles, round and gothic roof shapes.
  • Slip-on connectors simplify installation.
  • Designed to withstand snow buildup and tailored specifically for your site’s expected snow loads.

Commercial Styles, Selection

  • Large-scale operations for businesses; discounts on large orders.
  • Hobby/backyard custom-built options.
  • Hoop houses, Quonset greenhouses, steel-framed greenhouses, double-layered poly greenhouses with inflation fans, I-502 greenhouses, and propagation greenhouses.

Standard Sizes — Dimensions

  • Height: 8’ to 20’
  • Width: 10’ to 34’ in 2’ increments.
  • Length: Any.

Heating and Ventilation

  • Propane & gas heaters.
  • Roll-up side venting, mechanical exhaust fans and gravity intake louvres available.
  • Greenhouses with double-layered polyethylene film require a small inflation fan to maintain pressure between the layers and provide a small amount of insulation.


  • Various size/shape doors.
  • Anchoring choices for almost any surface such as ground sleeves and base plates.
Contact a Slip Tube expert today for a quote and to discuss your entire greenhouse needs.