Commercial Greenhouses

Commercial Greenhouses

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    Quality Custom Poly Greenhouses for All Your Growing Needs

    Whether you are looking for the best greenhouse for personal use, or are a business seeking a commercial or industrial greenhouse to improve your productivity, we can help. Greenhouses allow you to extend your growing season, protect your crops from pests and diseases, and grow plants that may not otherwise be possible to grow in your local climate.

    High-quality greenhouses also help you create a controlled environment ideal for agricultural research such as testing new crop varieties, trying new techniques for growing, and learning more about plant genetics. Slip Tube greenhouses can be designed to meet your specific needs whether you grow fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, or nursery plants.

    Greenhouses Made From Quality Materials, With Unparalleled Customization Options

    We’ve been designing and manufacturing polyethylene greenhouses since 1981, and have perfected our craft to ensure our greenhouses can withstand harsh North American climates. We use the strongest Canadian steel and rigorous engineering specs to ensure your greenhouses perform the way you expect them to, including during heavy snowfall conditions.

    We work with you to help you select the greenhouse specifications that best meet your needs by putting in the time and effort to understand your goals and local climate at the beginning of the process. Once we understand your unique requirements, we can suggest the ideal dimensions, poly cover, type of roof, style of doors, ventilation, and installation options for you.

    Industry-Leading Commercial and Industrial Greenhouse Features

    • Standard sizes with the ability to manufacture to your desired height, width, and length (heights of 10 feet to 20 feet and widths of 12 feet to 34 feet in 2-foot increments)
    • Climate-specific engineering and site-specific engineering drawings
    • Pre-galvanized tubing
    • Excellent resistance to corrosion
    • Versatile peaked, or “gothic” style roofs that prevent heavy snow loading
    • Automated light deprivation greenhouses available with motors, timers, and telescopic tube arms for convenient management
    • Greenhouse heating options to maintain interior climate even in extreme cold (propane or gas heaters)
    • Roll-up side venting, mechanical exhaust fans, and gravity intake louvres available
    • Ventilation systems available
    • Swing doors that open outwards, made of square steel framing covered with polycarbonate sheets, with welded hinges and available with 8-foot wide opening for equipment
    • Sliding doors that hang from overhead track with trolley, allowing doors to effortlessly slide with stay rollers included to ensure doors remain in the correct position
    • Slip-on connectors that make installation simple
    • Hoop houses, Quonset greenhouses, steel-framed greenhouses, double-layered poly greenhouses with inflation fans, 1-502 greenhouses, high tunnels, and propagation greenhouses
    • Anchoring choices for almost any surface, including ground sleeves and base plates
    • Discounts on large orders for commercial greenhouses

    Examples of Slip Tube Commercial and Industrial Greenhouses That are Helping Businesses Like Yours Achieve Their Goals

    We’ve helped hundreds of growers throughout Canada and the United States meet their unique needs with our high-quality greenhouses. Browse some examples of the greenhouses we offer below.

    Commercial Greenhouses

    Why Choose Slip Tube Greenhouses?

    We supply the best greenhouses in Canada and can create the ideal solution for your growing needs whether you have a large-scale business operation or simply need a custom-built hobby greenhouse in the backyard. Our skilled team includes designers, welders, fabricators, and installers.

    A Strong Track-Record of Meeting Client Needs Successfully

    Our family-owned business has four decades of experience which we channel into unmatched customer service and support. We can help you with every step of the process when it comes to buying a greenhouse, starting with helping you get site-specific engineering drawings (if necessary) right through to full installation of greenhouses. Our clients include BC Hydro, Metro Vancouver, and YVR, among others.

    The Best Quality Greenhouse Components and Designs

    While many other companies import steel from overseas, we use only the finest North American steel, which is designed to withstand the harsh Canadian climate. This means when you choose a Slip Tube commercial or industrial greenhouse, you can rest assured that you are getting a durable greenhouse that will last many growing seasons. Along with fully galvanized tubes that are corrosion-resistant and high-quality poly sheets, these high-quality steel arches ensure you have the ideal conditions for efficient production.

    You Can Customize Your Greenhouse to Suit Your Growing Needs

    If a cookie-cutter greenhouse solution is not for you, we get it! Depending on what you’re growing and where you are located, different dimensions and features might be necessary. That’s why we make it simple to choose from different heights, widths, lengths, door types, anchors, straps, and more. Our skilled greenhouse experts will work with you to make the greenhouse you envision a reality. 

    Our Affordable Greenhouses are Easy to Install

    Our greenhouses are quick and easy to install so that you can begin growing without delay. We provide clear instructions on how to set up your greenhouse, or can send members of our team your way to help you install it if you prefer expert installation assistance. We can even help with relocating greenhouses if necessary – we go the extra mile to help our customers. Need servicing or repairs to your existing greenhouse? We are able and willing to help you with that too, even if it’s a greenhouse from another manufacturer.

    See What Our Happy Customers Have to Say…

    “…we have scoured the west coast for better pricing and quality and the Slip Tube guys have the best product anywhere…” 

    • Will, Snow Valley Mushrooms

    “I am quite happy with my Slip Tube structure, it is exactly as I hoped for. Your crew were diligent workers and good people to have on-site. They were kind and showed me how things were put together and I noted that Neil and Shawn were careful to show Ash how things are done patiently and efficiently. It makes me happy to do business with you.”   

    • Lisa Paulson

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