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Shelters & Greenhouses Since 1981

Slip Tube Enterprises Ltd. is a Canadian manufacturer of quality Slip Tube shelters and polyethylene greenhouses, utilized across North America and around the world. Established in 1981, popularity and versatility coupled with their low-cost price points has earned them staying power, keeping Slip Tube buildings in demand in today's industrial and agricultural marketplace.



High-quality & strong materials, so you're good to grow

Shelters and sheds

Shelters & Sheds

Durable, convenient, industrial and agricultural structures

Custom shelters

Custom Shelters

One-of-a-kind, innovative frameworks & covers

"David and the crew at Slip Tube did an excellent job with the two buildings we purchased from them. Right from the start, from the design that met our needs to the install — everything went very smoothly. We would recommend
Slip Tube to anyone."
Dean Acton
Owner, Captain's Village Marina, Scotch Creek, British Columbia

Why Choose Us for Your Greenhouses and Shelters?

Outstanding Customer Service & Support

After more than four decades of providing the best greenhouses and shelters, our family-owned and operated business excels at providing outstanding results. From site-specific engineering drawings and full installation to relocation of greenhouses, we do it all!

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Unparalleled Customization Options

We can build a commercial or industrial greenhouse or shelter perfectly tailored to your needs. Choose from different shapes, sizes, anchoring, doors, poly tubes, shade cloths, straps, and more. Our team is great at thinking out of the box to bring your vision to life.

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Quality Components That Ensure Durability

We use strong, durable arches made from the finest North American steel, which can withstand the climate in different parts of BC. Our fully galvanized tubes and other materials are resistant to corrosion so your greenhouse or shelter will last through multiple seasons.

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Efficient and Affordable Shelters and Greenhouses

Our shelters are faster and easier to install than other methods of construction, so you can become operational more quickly. Our shelters are designed and built within 2-3 weeks of receiving an order and are low-cost compared to wood, steel, and concrete buildings.

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Extend Your Growing Season With a Greenhouse

Are you cultivating vegetables, fruits, herbs, or flowers in the Canadian climate and looking to enjoy a longer growing season? A greenhouse is an excellent solution, particularly in areas that experience cold winters and short springs. A greenhouse not only provides shelter from extreme weather and temperatures, but also protects your crops from pests and allows you to grow plants you might otherwise not be able to grow. We’re a trusted industrial and commercial greenhouse supplier offering poly greenhouses that can withstand the Canadian climate. Poly greenhouses are surpassing glass greenhouses due to better heat retention and can be customized to meet your needs.


Maximize Your Yields With Light Deprivation Greenhouses

Our third-generation blackout system for greenhouses offers an affordable solution for maximizing the yields of various crops. We have spent more than a decade developing and perfecting our external light deprivation system, which allows you to prompt plant development in the absence of ideal natural light cycles. Make your operation even easier by choosing our automated system, which can be deployed in your absence thanks to being operated through a control box with a timer and four tube motors.


Protect Machinery, Vehicles, and Supplies From the Elements

We understand the challenges of living and operating a business in different climates, including harsh winters. We are experienced in providing custom shelter solutions to clients looking to keep goods, equipment, and workspaces sheltered from rain, snow, wind, and sunlight. Our shelters are designed to withstand any anticipated challenges, including heavy snow loading, and can be customized with a heating system. We offer solutions for any shelter needs, including aircraft hangars, storage shelters, swimming pool covers, animal shelters, portable buildings for movie sets, covered walkways, and more.


Get Expert Installation Support

Our knowledgeable and highly skilled team can not only help design your shelter or greenhouse but also help with block placement, supervision of a self-install, and whatever other assistance you need to get your shelter up and ready for use. Many of the industrial shelters must be anchored to cement blocks to gain the height needed, be protected from machinery, or satisfy engineer lift requirements. In these cases, our crew determines the positioning and guides crane operators to ensure perfect placement. Whether the job is commercial or residential, local or international, you can count on our team to be there to support installation.


Our Simple Process and Excellent Customer Service Set Us Apart

  1. Contact us via phone, email, or in person at our Campbell Valley location and explain what your shelter or greenhouse needs are so our team can suggest solutions that best meet your specific needs.
  2. We’ll provide you with an estimate based on the features we discussed and you review the price and plans. We will continue to adjust the shelter specifications as necessary until the features meet your needs and approval.
  3. You provide us with a 30% deposit to kick off the project, and our team will get started on the official design details that need to be handed off to the production team.
  4. Your building and hardware are manufactured by our fabricators and welders as specified in the work order. This step typically takes 2 to 4 weeks.
  5. When your shelter or greenhouse is ready, we contact you to process the materials payment and arrange pick-up or delivery to your site.
  6. You can either install your building with the instructions we provide or request our crew to do the installation for you. When you’re satisfied with the building, we’ll update our files to ensure that we’ve got the information we need on hand to help with any maintenance or replacement work of poly/roof covers in the future.


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