Our Top Three Popular Sheds 1

Our Top Three Popular Sheds

There are always good reasons why some products reach the apex of popularity among buyers. Like the three most sought after Slip Tube products we sell; they are reliable, affordable and adaptable to a wide range of uses for all types of buyers.


A Shelter, a Shed, a Structure or a Building?

Customers have their own names for the products we sell, and mostly they’re all correct. The bottom line is that the name doesn’t matter so much, as long as it works for your purposes. The three popular Slip Tube products here are all four things. What distinguishes one Slip Tube product from the other is the size, foundation, configuration, material, customization and use. They serve as well as other buildings made from other materials, yet take less time to build and cost much less than wood buildings.

There is no area of BC where you won’t find a Slip Tube building; whether it’s on a commercial sales lot, a manufacturer, a farm, or a residential property. Take a look at these three types that are among the top among our broad base of customers.

Our Top Three Popular Sheds 2


The 40 – Foot Wide on Containers

One of our customers’ most popular choices is the 40 -foot-wide shelter that uses containers for its foundation. 

Whether you are looking for office space, a workshop (commercial or residential), or storage, this product works beautifully for any adaptation of climate, accessibility, height, length and roof style (Gothic or Round) and as secure storage for valuables.

These are the widest shelters we sell in a single tube and because they require less steel, they are also very economical. 

To anchor the shelter, we weld steel rails with spigots pre-welded onto the containers. The arches slide over the spigots and are bolted in place. When the shelter is mounted on top of them, the containers offer exceptional height by adding over 8 feet and 6 inches extra clearance. The floor between the containers can be anything, from concrete and gravel to grass or bare ground.  

Our Top Three Popular Sheds 4

Also, the metal containers can be locked to secure valuable tools and other equipment, and yet they can be easily accessed when needed. The interiors of the containers can be fitted with windows and doors, as well as heating and cooling equipment. Containers can also be insulated and used as dry storage. 

Many of our customers come to us to improve or change the usability of the containers they own. But Slip Tube can also source used containers for purchase if a customer doesn’t have one already.


Our Top Three Popular Sheds 6


The 30 – Foot Wide on Blocks

The equally popular 30-foot wide shelter can be used on any kind of foundation whether concrete pads, footings or storage containers. But typically, people choose the 30-foot wide on concrete blocks because the blocks don’t require penetration of the ground or pouring of concrete and the foundation can be moved quite easily. 

Some buyers choose the 30 by 30-foot size but many order them 100 feet long. The roof can be Round or Gothic. The concrete blocks are readily available, economical and can be configured so there is little wastage.

The 30-foot on blocks shed gets used for storage for all kinds of items such as farm machinery, hay stacks and sawdust. It is also a way to store salt for use on roads and driveways in winter. In regions where there is heavy snowfall, we often recommend the Gothic shape on this shelter because it’s more effective in. naturally shedding snow loads, due to the slope of the roof. 


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The Side Entry Shelter

The side entry is very popular among commercial customers for at least one main reason. It maximizes the entryway access for storage of extra-large vehicles and equipment and/or large volumes of items such as products stored on high-stacked pallets or racks.

Essentially, the side entry shelter is a different configuration of a common size shelter.

If you need to access a large number of items that are lined up from one end to the other end, you will want a 100-foot entryway that extends the full length of the shelter.

The side entry is especially useful for farmers, or anyone with several pieces of large machinery, who require enough room to make it possible to back the equipment inside of it. And when they need to use their stored equipment, the large entryway means they don’t need to rearrange the other equipment to pull out the one they need.

Our Top Three Popular Sheds 10



Slip Tube sheds and shelters are an economical and effective form of storage that cost less than wood structures. And there is an extensive variety of sizes, colours, and shapes, as well as ventilation, heating and pricing options for storing and securing valuable property.



The two basic overhead configurations are ‘Gothic’ which measures up to 32 feet wide, and ‘Round’ which measures up to 40 feet wide. The length of shelters can be as long as they need to be.



Slip Tube builds commercial-grade, properly engineered heavy-duty structures. All of our fabric woven covers are made in BC and treated with UV protection to prevent sun damage. 

The fabric we use to build our shelters and sheds is made of thick, highly durable, 24 ml polyethylene or 18 oz. vinyl, in a variety of colours. They are fully waterproof and if required are also treated with fire-retardants for additional safety. 

Slip Tube has been in business since 1981. We are a small local family business and that enables us to provide consistent, quality products and reliable customer service. We are proud to sell superior products using North American steel for the structural elements and strong and sturdy coverings with fabrics made here in BC for the shelters and sheds we build ourselves in Surrey.