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    Get Quality Shelters and Sheds for All Your Agriculture & Industrial Needs

    Are you in search of a storage solution for equipment, machinery, harvested crops, livestock, or other goods? Or perhaps you require a customized shelter to create a covered workspace that will help you get the job done. Whatever your industrial worksite or agricultural operation needs, we can help.

    Slip Tube has been manufacturing durable shelters and sheds for more than four decades. That means we’ve done it all; custom shelters for vehicles, livestock, grain storage, workshops, and more. A high-quality shelter or shed protects your machinery, plants, and people from the elements and can save you money in the long run by improving the efficiency and productivity of your agricultural operation.

    Durable Shelters and Sheds Made From Quality Materials

    We provide the best shelter or shed for your unique needs. Our innovative designs and high-quality covers make our shelters an affordable and more convenient alternative to brick-and-mortar buildings. As a proud Canadian manufacturer, we have perfected our designs to ensure that our shelters and sheds are able to stand up to the harsh North American weather, including heavy snow and wind.

    Our skilled team members will work with you to determine the shelter or shed specifications that will help you achieve your goals. Depending on your requirements, we have a variety of roofs, sizes, poly covers, door, ventilation, and installation options to choose from. Our shelters allow you to shield your livestock, supplies, and equipment from rain, wind, and snow. Indoor storage helps improve the longevity of your machinery, deters theft, and keeps pests out.

    Industry-leading Commercial and Industrial Shelter Features

    • Innovative frameworks and covers to suit your requirements
    • Durable woven covers that come in multiple colours
    • Fire-retardant covers for additional safety
    • Fabric covers treated with UV protection to prevent sun damage
    • Site-specific engineering
    • Engineering certifications or inspections provided upon request
    • Strong North American steel that resists corrosion
    • Pre-galvanized tubing
    • Versatile peaked or “gothic” style roofs that encourage natural snow shedding
    • Ventilation systems available to protect harvested crops or livestock or ensure a comfortable working environment
    • Standard width sizes that range from 14’ to 42’
    • Lean-to structures up to 24’ deep
    • Side-access shelters and sheds up to 34’ deep with openings up to 25’ wide
    • Sliding doors that hang from overhead track with trolley, allowing doors to effortlessly slide with stay rollers included to ensure doors remain in the correct position
    • Slip-on connectors that make installation simple
    • Anchoring choices for almost any surface, including ground sleeves and base plates
    • Shelters and sheds can be mounted on containers for extra height (over 8’) and storage, with weighting to prevent lift
    • Shelters can be insulated and used as heated storage or offices
    • Discounts on large orders for commercial shelters

    Examples of the Variety of Commercial and Industrial Shelter Solutions We Provide

    We’ve helped countless businesses and people throughout Canada and the United States create affordable, high-quality shelters and sheds. Browse some examples of our shelters below.

    Shelters & Sheds

    Why Choose Slip Tube Shelters and Sheds?

    We manufacture and supply the best industrial and agricultural shelters and sheds in Canada. Our skilled team is composed of designers, welders, fabricators, and installers who have a strong track record of successfully problem-solving to help customers achieve their storage or worksite goals.

    Get a Custom Shelter Built to Your Exact Specifications

    Having provided storage and workspace shelter solutions for a huge variety of agricultural, industrial, and commercial uses, we understand that a custom solution may be necessary! Our custom shelter solutions have included aircraft hangars, animal shelters, boat-building and repair shelters, car wash and detailing shelters, covered walkways, greenhouses, landscape supply and lumberyard shelters, movie sets, machinery or vehicle storage, portable welding shelters, Quonset shelters, swimming pool covers, steam shelters for concrete forming companies, warehouses, and more! 

    We also provide lean-to shelters that are anchored to existing buildings, which is a great way to increase the size of an existing worksite. We can manufacture automated rolling shelters for cases in which moving the building is preferable to moving the item worked on. For example, in a boatyard, where you may want to move a shelter from boat to boat.

    Need a custom shelter for personal use? We can help you with that too. We have experience creating custom shelters for permanently parked RVs with awnings and open sides to maximize views and dry deck area. Whatever you need, just explain it to our team and we’ll help you turn your vision into reality.

    Ensure Your Shelter is Made From the Best Quality Components and Designs

    Unlike many other companies, we never import steel from overseas. Instead, we use only the most durable North American steel, which is designed to withstand the harsh Canadian climate. When you invest in a Slip Tube shelter or shed, whether for commercial or personal use, you are guaranteed to get a durable structure that will meet your needs.

    Experience the Best Customer Service in the Business 

    We are a family-owned business with four decades of experience which we channel into unparalleled customer service and support. We go above and beyond the average ordering and delivery process. From design to installation, we will walk you through every step of the process of choosing the best shelter for you. 

    If needed, we can provide you with site-specific engineering drawings, and our team is happy to install the structure for you. If financing is required, we help set up lease-to-buy financing through an independent credit company. Our satisfied clients include BC Hydro, Metro Vancouver, and YVR, among others. 

    Our Affordable Shelters and Sheds are Easy to Install

    Whether you choose a shelter or shed, our structures don’t require as much hardware compared to other buildings, therefore are easier and faster to install. We can install the shelter or shed for you or assist your crew with installation. If you prefer to install the structure yourself, we will provide you with clear instruction sheets to ensure that it goes smoothly. 

    See What Our Happy Customers Have to Say…

    “Right from the start Jeff and his entire team promptly provided details and answered any questions we had. We were well supported throughout the entire install process which our team completed ourselves. Our custom designed shelter went together easily and turned out to be a solid, well-designed structure well suited for our needs. I would not hesitate to purchase another structure from Slip Tube again!”

    -Casey van Ginkel

    “An absolutely amazing company to deal with. Professional, Customer centric and overall a pleasure to deal with. I recently had my fourth large fabric structure installed by Slip Tube and like the first 3 it was a smooth successful purchase. I would highly recommend them!”

    -Jeff Campbell

    Get a Quality Shelter or Shed You Can Rely on to Help You Meet Your Industrial or Agricultural Goals

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