Clear 4-year UVA Treated 6-mil Poly – (Width sizes: 6′, 12′, 16′, 20′, 25′, 28′, 32′, 36′, 40′, 42′, 46′, 48′, and 50′). Any length; most popular poly used for greenhouse covering; allows for optimal sunlight; 90% of the worlds’ greenhouses are covered with poly for economic reasons; withstands knocks more than glass; diffuses light so plants don’t get burned.

Anti-drip Clear 6-mil Poly – Several sizes available; water/condensation rolls down sheets and drips off where poly meets the ground.

Over Winter White Poly – 4-mil available in 24′, 32′ and 50′ wide rolls; 5-mil available in 50′ wide only; various percentages of shades available; protects clear poly covering from radiation for one-year.

Suncover White 55% 6-mil Poly – Available in 32′ wide and 50′ wide rolls; provides shaded environment to reduce direct sunlight exposure.

Springlock Channel and Wire – 12′ length aluminum channel accepts up to three pairs of poly and wire. Wire is stainless steel coated in 6′ lengths. Channel and wire fastens poly tightly to greenhouse; fasten to steel arches using self-tapping teck screws; fasten to wood with ¼” bolts for best results or wood screws for faster and more inexpensive application. Springlock and channel is non-corrosive; use over and over to fasten greenhouse coverings for several replacements.

Fabric Coverings – In combination with the two products below; we cut, sew and weld pipe pockets and grommets into fabric to suit specific shelter; pipe pockets allow galvanized pipe to slip in; ratchet straps, cam buckles or lashing winches fasten cover down tightly and neatly.

24-mil Woven Polyethylene – Our shelter covers come complete with a 7-year pro-rated sun degradation warranty; typical lifetime 12-15 years; interior colour: white; exterior colours: blue, green, silver, and white; additional colours available for a premium; fire retardant in white (small upcharge) available. Strength test: we slit a hole in a sample to demonstrate its strength and challenge you to rip it further. No one has been successful yet!

18-oz Vinyl – Variety of colours; 20% more expensive and heavier than woven polyethylene; often used for applications with highly-visible locations; fire retardant available.

Custom Bent Galvanized Arches – (Gothic/peaked/round arches available) – We use only the finest quality North American steel for structural arches. 2-3/8″ diameter, fully galvanized, mechanical, 14-gauge steel bent into specific arches for desired width and height; arches contain between two- to five tubes depending on required size; custom-made connectors listed below connects one tube to the next; 1″diameter spigot attach to horizontal steel purlins for strength. For smaller hobby greenhouse (up to 20′ wide), 1-7/8″ diameter, 16-gauge galvanized tubing with swages is more economical than larger tubing.

Slip Tube Connectors (Hot-dipped Galvanized) – Custom welded connectors allow easier installation and less hardware. Fewer holes and hardware keep tubes stronger.

  1. V-tees and V-crosses – V-tees and V-crosses used to connect gothic arches at peak; male connector fits inside female arch tubes to close arch; V-tees used for end arches; V-crosses used for intermediate arches.
  2. Tees and Crosses – Fits same as V connectors, but used for connecting tubes for round buildings; also used to connect gothic arches together at all junctions other than the peak.
  3. Baseplates – Round male spigots welded to base with four holes to concrete or timber sills; anchors the building to the ground and hot-dipped galvanized for corrosion protection. Baseplates fasten to concrete with wedge anchors and fasten to timber sills with galvanized lag screws. Special baseplates available for asphalt applications where curb pins anchor; baseplates are easiest to install and allow easy relocation or removal.
  4. End Wall Baseplates – Similar to regular baseplates, but accepts square steel tubing for end wall framing; available for 1-1/2″ and 1-1/4″ square steel; fasten the same as baseplates.
  5. Sleeves/Pounded Posts – Sleeves are hot-dipped galvanized posts that can be driven into the ground with bobcat/excavator or jackhammer and specific attachment; sleeves eliminate the need for a timber sill or concrete and reduce the cost of shelter/greenhouse.

Purlins – 1-5/16″ or 1-3/8″ diameter steel; horizontal braces tie building together for strength and rigidity. Each tee or cross connector receives a 3′, 4′, or 5′ purlin; swaged purlin runs travel entire length of building when required. Purlin runs are connected to arches with omega clamps and self-tapping teck screws.

Greenhouse Doors and Hardware

  1. Swing Doors – Square steel framing covered with polycarbonate sheets; welded hinges; doors open outward to maintain valuable space inside greenhouse; easiest doors to install; double doors available with 8′-wide opening for equipment.
  2. Sliding Doors – Sliding doors are not affected by wind like swing doors; hangs from overhead track with trollies allowing doors to open and close effortlessly; stay rollers are included to ensure doors remain in correct position.

Shelter Doors and Hardware

  1. Garage Doors – Insulated steel garage doors best option for large openings; allows machinery in/out of shelter/greenhouse; various widths/heights available; optional chain pulls or automatic openers; locking mechanisms on all doors.
  2. Roll-up Fabric Doors – More economical than garage doors, held shut by Velcro; operate on ropes/pulley system; doors made from fabric (vinyl/polyethylene) used to cover shelters.
  3. Curtain Doors – Fabric-made, curtain doors slide on header; optional single curtains or center-part curtains for large openings; economical choice for doors.
  4. Steel Man Doors – Locking hardware; inswing or outswing available.

Shade Cloths – Protects crops from burning and overheating; keeps off direct sunlight; knitted or woven; several percentages of shade available; typically fastened to greenhouse with bungee cords.

Light Deprivation Covers – For interior blackouts; 12-mil polyethylene covers roll-up and down with mechanical assist cranks; can be motorized and operated with timer.

Ratchet Straps and Cam Buckle Straps – Fastens fabric covers tightly and neatly to steel frame; each strap withstands approx. 400 pounds of tension; cam buckles and ratchet straps are placed every 3-4′ along building length.

Mechanical Assist Cranks and Chain Pulls – For light deprivation covers and ventilation roll-ups; creates a 3:1 ratio for every 1′ the cranks are turned takes the covers up 3′.

Manual Crank Handles – Ventilation roll-ups on smaller greenhouse where weight is not too significant; most economical choice and ideal for hobby greenhouse.

Steel Framing – Several sizes and thickness to help frame-out end walls for other greenhouse/shelter components.

Steel Trusses and Components – Shelters/greenhouses that exceed 40′ in width are truss buildings; powder coated and custom built for snow loading requirements; several widths and heights available. Our truss shelters have been used for aircraft/helicopter hangars, equipment storage, mechanic shops, and maintenance shelters for an inexpensive dry area compared to wood-framed buildings.

Hardware – Galvanized and plated hardware with exceptional corrosion resistance including screws, nuts, bolts and clamps.

Rebar Pins – Anchors timber sills to the ground; 2″ washers welded on to top stops rebar pins from going through the sills and keeps timbers in place; also to fasten baseplates to gravel/dirt for end walls.

Curb Pins – Anchor baseplates to asphalt.

Lashing Winches – Heavy-duty, hold-downs for fabric covers on shelters built atop concrete lock blocks; 10,000-pound capacity and 2″ wide heavy-duty webbing ensure taut, neat covers easily adjusted or removed for recovering shelters; welded plates on winches anchors to blocks using wedge anchors.

Webbing – Several widths and strengths available; webbing holds ventilation roll-ups against steel arches and protects against wind.

Circulation Fans – Several sizes, CFMs and HP available; helps keep greenhouse/shelter evenly heated throughout; favourable environment for plants and workers; optional speed controls.

Exhaust Fans – Several sizes available; changes air over greenhouse/shelter for specific time period; maintain ambient outdoor temperature when hot outside; thermostats or humidistats regulate temperature or humidity when unattended.

Intake Shutters – Available with motorized arms to open/close, or gravity operated when exhaust fans turn on. Intake shutters bring cooler outside air into greenhouse to achieve ambient outdoor temperature.

Poly Tubes – Distributes cool or hot air throughout greenhouse.