Things to Look for in a Shelter for Your RV or Boat 1

Things to Look for in a Shelter for Your RV or Boat

You are probably too busy enjoying the summer on the boat or on the road with your RV to think how you will put it away for the season. But don’t forget that fall and winter elements will soon be sneaking up on your cherished boats, RVs., cars, trucks and trailers.

Whether it seeps in as rainfall or from burst pipes, water is one of the most detrimental elements to an RV or boat. It can ruin furnishings, hardware, motors and set up mold which is often difficult to notice until it’s a major problem.

Heavy loads of snow, especially when packed with rainfall, can cause structural damage to the roof of an RV and its side walls, not to mention what it can do to the inside of your boat.

Boats are susceptible to damage from freezing temperatures by cracking the hull. And the tires on your RV or boat trailer, when exposed to freezing and thawing temperatures, can dry out and crack.

If the tires on your boat trailer or RV get stuck in snow or mud, you may need to tow it out of place.

If you have witnessed fall storms of late you are familiar with the kind of damage that can occur when tree branches and other debris are sent flying.

Slip Tube has the solutions to all these hazards. It’s our business to help you protect your property against what climatologists predict will continue to bring wetter, colder, windier, and unpredictable fall and winter seasons. You will lengthen the life of your RV or boat by many years, protecting it under a durable shelter or shed like the ones Slip Tube provides.

Things to Look for in a Shelter for Your RV or Boat 2Summer is the best time to decide the size and type of storage you’ll need, or if what you already have needs replacing before fall and winter set in.

Slip Tube sheds and shelters are an economical and effective form of storage that cost less than wood structures. And there is an extensive variety of sizes, colours, shapes, as well as ventilation, heating and pricing options for protecting your valuable vehicles and extending their lifespan.

Slip Tube has been in business since 1981. We are a small local family business and that enables us to provide consistent, quality products and reliable customer service. We are proud to sell superior products using North American steel for the structural elements and strong and sturdy coverings with fabrics made here in BC for the shelters and sheds we build ourselves in Surrey.

Custom-made Solutions
There are usually variables from one customer to the next for the size and design of the shelter they want from SlipTube. We help you make the most effective choices based on the size of the vehicle or boat, your site, and your lifestyle.

Size, Shape and Fabric
Slip Tube builds commercial grade, properly engineered heavy-duty structures. All of our fabric woven covers are made in BC and treated with UV protection to prevent sun damage.

The fabric we use to build our shelters and sheds is made of thick, highly durable, 24 ml 18 oz. vinyl, in a variety of colours. They are fully waterproof and if required are also treated with fire-retardants for additional safety.

The shape and size of your shelter will vary according to your particular requirements. There are two basic overhead configurations; ‘Gothic’ which measures up to 32 feet wide, and ‘Round’ which is up to 40 feet wide. The length of the shelters can be as long as you need them to be.

Things to Look for in a Shelter for Your RV or Boat 4Access
Because some people use their recreational equipment differently at different times, the access into the shelter is also customizable.

Insulated steel garage doors are a good option for large openings with various widths/heights with optional chain pulls or automatic openers.

Roll up vinyl/polyethylene fabric doors are more economical than garage doors, and are held shut by Velcro and operated by rope/pulley systems.

Also economical are the fabric curtain doors customized for size including large openings.

Steel Man Doors with locking hardware are also an option.

All of these choices will depend on the size and type of boat, RV, or vehicle that you are placing under shelter, and of course your budget.

Things to Look for in a Shelter for Your RV or Boat 6Controlled conditions
Temperature-regulated shelters are the ideal way to store your RVs and boats. Depending on whether an RV will be used while in storage, we can arrange for a heated shelter for those times when you or your guests are using the RV or you are storing other equipment susceptible to moisture.

You may have chosen a shelter so that you can work on your boat or RV when not in use outdoors. If you prefer heat while working, there are gas or propane heaters which we can install for you. In addition to heating, we can also provide motorized ventilation.

Foundation options
Your shelter can be mounted on concrete blocks, timber, concrete pads or shipping containers. These photos illustrate the various foundations which can be ordered through SlipTube or if you prefer, provided by you.

The containers option not only provides extra height and storage, but there is an added level of security with a steel container. Containers can also be insulated and used as dry storage or office space.

When the shelter is mounted on top, the containers offer exceptional height by adding over 8 feet and 6 inches extra clearance for boats with masts.

Set up and installation
Slip Tube will come in and install your foundation and shelter for you. But if you prefer to do the installation yourself, all of our products will come with setup instructions. Even if you are a do-it-yourself customer, our Sliptube experts can assist you in the installation at various points.

Because our shelters require less hardware than in other types of buildings, the installation can be accomplished faster. Whether we install it, or assist your installation, it can be completed in a matter of days. Any questions or concerns are dealt with immediately by our staff.

Don’t wait until it’s too late; order your shelter or shed. Contact us today to get it installed before the winter weather is upon us.