Services and Support

Our experience and longevity in the greenhouse/shelter business equips us to provide solutions for almost any situation. Our crew make ideas come to life in an efficient and timely manner to get you operational!

  • variety of openings
  • block placement
  • lift work
  • concrete block install
  • rural install
  • design
  • on-site welding


  • Slip Tube is a small company of 12 employees that proudly takes on any size project.
  • We have long-standing relationships with our clients, some of whom have been with us since our inception in 1981.
  • We realize that not every project is a cookie-cutter job, and we enjoy thinking outside the box to find solutions.


  • Installation– knowledgeable and efficient, local, commercial, residential, remote locations, countrywide, worldwide
  • Roof/Poly Covers– we replace old/damaged covers on shelters and greenhouses manufactured by Slip Tube or competitors.
  • Welding/Steel Repairs And Maintenance– our custom shop allows us to manufacture almost anything you need to repair damaged or faulty parts and structural components.
  • Additions– if your Slip Tube building requires expansion or additional components after the original purchase, we can add length and height, roll-ups for ventilation, light deprivation covers, shade cloths, doors, mechanical equipment, garage doors, curtain ends, and much more.
  • Shelter/Greenhouse Relocation- Slip Tube buildings are durable and can withstand being moved for relocation; we also relocate old buildings that have been resold to new customers.
  • Cement Lock Block Delivery And Placement- many of our industrial buildings are anchored to cement blocks to gain height, provide protection from machinery, or to satisfy engineers’ lift requirements. Our expert crew lays out the proper positioning and guides the crane operators for perfect placement.
  • Engineering- Slip Tube offers site-specific engineering, structural B1 and B2 drawings, to be submitted to the applicable authorities at an affordable price.
  • Design/Auto CAD- Our designers provide detailed drawings to help DIY builders better understand the structures for an improved installation. Exact measurements are provided and details are outlined to assist you.
  • Install Supervision/Instruction- Many of our customers cannot build Slip Tube structures entirely on their own but choose not to hire our crew to completely install the building. In these instances, we provide a supervisor at a reasonable rate to help you through the more difficult aspects of installation.
  • Supply Only- Slip Tube provides parts and pieces for DIY builders who want to create their own greenhouses or shelters. Whether it’s springlock and wire required to attach poly to a greenhouse frame, or custom welding work, Slip Tube’s competitive price points on parts and poly/fabric provides the ideal solution for all your projects.
Contact a Slip Tube expert today to discuss our services and how we can help with your entire greenhouse and shelter needs.