Marijuana / Cannabis Greenhouse

Marijuana / Cannabis Greenhouse

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    Slip Tube Enterprises has been manufacturing greenhouses for the cultivation of marijuana since the legalization of medical marijuana in California (1996) and British Columbia (2001). The more recent recreational legalization in several states (Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and California, etc.) and in British Columbia, has increased our reach and furthered our research and development of marijuana specific greenhouses of all shapes and sizes.

    Marijuana Greenhouses Sizes and Options

    Our greenhouses are engineered for specific sites (when requested) and are made from 2-3/8-inch in diameter, fully galvanized, North American steel, which results in an economical, high-quality greenhouse.

    Slip Tube Enterprises typically designs Gothic/peaked style greenhouses for the purpose of shedding snow and overall strength. Our typical marijuana greenhouses range from 12-feet wide up to 30-feet wide with almost unlimited lengths; however, we do recommend 100-feet long or less to make installation more manageable.

    Our most popular model is 30-feet wide by 100-feet long with a manual three-piece light deprivation system, which can be manually operated or automated on a timer. Several options are available for heating, ventilation, circulation fans, temperature controls, roll-up side ventilation, door sizes/styles, height clearance, and foundations, just to name a few.

    Marijuana Greenhouses are an Economical Choice

    Greenhouses are an economical choice for growers to save money on heating, lighting, rent, and poor crops due to bad weather, among other variables. In a booming market with heavy competition, outdoor growing in a Slip Tube Greenhouse is the smart choice to stay competitive. The ability to use humidity controls, thermostats, ventilation equipment, dehumidifiers, and circulation fans to control the greenhouse’s environment, allows growers to create an optimal growing situation for your crops.

    Several jurisdictions require a system to reduce light pollution, and our Slip Tube Greenhouses light deprivation/blackout system addresses this problem as well. Many growers are successful growing crops year-round using supplemental lighting and our third generation blackout system, which is being perfected and upgraded on an ongoing basis.

    Slip Tube started using chain assist cranks and 6-millimetre black/white poly in our first generation blackout model. We have since made dozens of improvements and changes since, based on customer feedback, observation, and escalating customer needs. We have come a long way in our development to what we believe is one of the most effective and most economical options for an external blackout system (automated or manual) to flip your crop. Many growers are producing four to six crops per year in our marijuana greenhouses, and yielding well over 100 pounds per crop in our 30-foot wide by 100-foot long Slip Tube Greenhouse.

    Slip Tube's Greenhouse Features

    Typical Slip Tube Light deprivation Greenhouses (30' wide x 15'6" high x 100’ long) are made with the following items/features:

    • Arches set at 5' on centre and made from 2-3/8" diameter, fully galvanized, 14 gauge, mechanical, North American steel tubing
    • Greenhouse height is customizable and can be increased or decreased in 2' increments
    • Baseplates or ground sleeves to anchor arches to a variety of options for foundation (i.e. 4 x 6 timber sill, concrete curb, concrete slab, ground sleeves sunken in soil or concrete, concrete lock blocks, etc.)
    • Hot-dipped galvanized arch/tube connectors are fabricated and welded in our shop for virtual rust-free performance and a "slip" fit connection for arches without the use of fasteners
    • Five runs of 1-3/8" diameter steel purlin, and upper and lower diagonal bracing to make the building strong and protect against wind hits
    • Each side has a 5' mechanical assist roll-up for ventilation
    • Third generation three-piece light deprivation roll-up made of 12-millimetre silver/white woven polyethylene complete with mechanical assist cranks and chain pull, OR an automated system consisting of four tube motors, one control box with a timer, four telescopic tubes and wire, and 200' roll-up tube
    • Roof cover is double layer poly with an inflation fan; innermost piece is IR "anti-drip" 6-millimetre UVA treated, clear poly; outer layer is 6-millimetre UVA treated clear poly
    • All hardware and instructions for installation included
    • 2-36" exhaust fans and 2-42" intake shutters controlled by a thermostat/humidistat. Produces 17,000 cfm (cubic feet per minute) to exchange air over every two minutes or less; several circulation fan sizing options are available to suit your specific needs
    • Front end framed with 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" square steel for 8'w x 8'h double swing door painted black
    • Back end is framed with 1-1/2" square steel for fan framing and vertical posts for a double 8'w x 8'h sliding door
    • Ends are covered in one layer of clear poly and one layer of 6-millimetre black/white poly
    • Galvanized/plated fasteners and hardware included
    • 200,000 BTU propane/Natural Gas Modine Hot Dawg furnaces with stainless steel heat exchanger; (altitude kits and multiple BTU options are available based on your specific climate)
    • 4-18' high velocity circulation fans to mix your air and create an even temperature throughout the greenhouse; several sizes of circulation fans are available to suit your specific needs
    • Simple roof truss consisting of struts and cross ties for snow loading. Cross ties can be utilized for a variety of other uses such as hanging lights, irrigation, furnaces, dehumidifiers and air conditioners
    • Hanging lights and fans from adjustable chains allows for growers to raise or lower their equipment as needed depending on the height of your crop.

    Marijuana / Cannabis Greenhouse

    Slip Tube has designed, manufactured, and installed hundreds of marijuana greenhouses. We are a leader in research and development to continually improve greenhouses used in marijuana production throughout North America. If you have any questions related to our greenhouses, or are interested in more information on how we can help customize a marijuana greenhouse specific to your needs, plot of land, climate and restrictions, send us an email or call a Slip Tube expert at 604.580.2177 (toll free 1.877.876.7681). Our ability to customize our products at an affordable price makes Slip Tube Greenhouses your best choice for economical cannabis cultivation. Contact Us

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