Custom Shelters

We manufacture buildings for a variety of industrial and agricultural uses.

  • Aircraft/Helicopter Hangars – Large truss buildings with roll-up doors are ideal for a quick, semi-portable hangar. Best for short-term.
  • Animal Shelters – Aviaries, cattle, equestrian, dog boarding/training, turkey farms, poultry farms, kangaroos, and more.
  • Automated Rolling Shelters – Used for a variety of applications where moving the building is more beneficial than moving the item worked on. Trusses for strength and rigidity; engineered to ensure success.
  • Boat-building/Repair Shelters – Built to exact specifications to meet height and width requirements for almost any size vessel. Automated, rolling buildings ideal for boatyards that want to move the shelter from boat to boat.
  • Car Wash/Detailing Shelters – Car lots, car wash companies, detail businesses.
  • Concrete Curing Shelters – See Steam Shelters.
  • Covered Patios – More affordable alternative to aluminum, wood, and steel framed awnings.
  • Covered Walkways – Keeps customers and fans dry when using facilities such as airport terminals, train stations and sporting events.
  • Dome Shelters
  • Fabric Covered Shelters
  • Greenhouses
  • Landscape Supply Shelters – Keeps topsoil and other materials dry; won’t wash away like uncovered materials. Dry materials weigh less for large commercial trucks that must stop at weigh station.
  • Lean-to Shelters (Attached to existing buildings) – Anchored to an existing wall on one side, anchored to the ground/blocks/pony wall on the other. Effective for attaching to bay/garage doors to increase size of existing shop.
  • Lumber Yard Shelters – See side entry shelters.
  • Machinery Storage – Available in many sizes with various heights and widths.
  • Movie Set Shelters – Portable buildings are easily movable to cover workers on the set. Used as dining areas, change rooms, and anything requiring coverage.
  • Personnel Shelters – Slip Tube designers, fabricators and welders are ready to build your custom shelter and help bring your ideas to life.
  • Portable Welding Shelters – Cranes hoist strong structures to whatever location needed. Ideal for bridge building and other large-scale projects to keep welders out of the elements.
  • Quonset Shelters
  • Recycling Facilities – Relatively low-cost, good for dry storage for heavy machinery and outdoor use
  • RV Shelters – Wide range of sizes; shelters for permanently parked RVs with awnings and open sides to maximum view and dry deck area.
  • Side Entry Shelters (Shelters with large bays and side access) – Ideal for lumber yards; steel beams and posts create large-width bays for easy forklift/machinery access. Curtains available to close bays; keeps valuable items out of the elements.
  • Steam Shelters– Allows concrete forming companies to speed up the curing process and production.
  • Storage Shelters – Store items out of the elements and create more space in your home. Many commercial storage companies use our buildings rather than spend more money on expensive construction.
  • Swimming Pools – Clear plastic or heavy-duty woven polyethylene; covers outdoor pools from debris and animals, while helping reduce pool heating and pool area heating costs.
  • Tent Shelters – Large heights and varying widths allow truck repair companies to keep their technicians dry and utilize their existing lots to accommodate more work.
  • Truss Shelters (For spans greater than 40′ wide) – Upper and lower chords as well as steel webbing to reinforce chords. For large spans to maximize the covered floor space and give large height clearances.
  • Warehouses – A dry, well-ventilated workspace available in several widths and heights, with optional garage doors and locking main doors. Optimum lighting thanks to the white fabric; attic space provides overhead storage on the cross-ties.
  • Vehicle Shelters – Protects vehicles from the elements and prolongs paint lifetime and reduces corrosion. Also used to sandblast, paint, detail and maintain vehicles while keeping workers dry.

Contact a Slip Tube expert today for a quote and to discuss your entire shelter & shed needs.