steel structure with working space

Solutions for Customers who Need Lots of Working Space in a Shed or Shelter

Slip Tube’s customizable steel-framed sheds and shelters offer several distinct advantages over wood shelters and other permanent structures. No matter what industry you’re in, Slip Tube has a cost-effective structure that can serve your needs. 

Customizable Dimensions Allow for Greater Versatility

Slip Tube has been creating shed and shelter solutions across a wide range of industries for over 40 years. With decades of experience, we are experts at tailoring our shelter structures to suit the exact dimensions of your project or vehicle.

The advantage of Slip Tube’s customizable steel frame structures is that they’re easily tailored to the exact dimensions you need for your project. If you come to us and say that you need your shelter to be 10 feet higher, that’s something we can accommodate very easily. Unlike with fixed wooden structures or permanent shelters, where such an adjustment could take weeks of construction, Slip Tube’s structures can be made taller or wider in no more time than it takes us to construct and install one of our standard-sized structures. 

For Boating

Whether it’s for industry or leisure, ships and yachts need to be repaired under a shelter on a dry dock. Even with a relatively small yacht, for example, you need quite a lot of height to accommodate the whole structure when it’s brought out of the water. In many cases, a shelter needs 30 or 40 feet of height in order to comfortably accommodate the ship’s mast. 

Dry dock space can be costly, so it’s advantageous to have a relatively inexpensive shelter that can be used for a variety of activities, including sanding, painting, and repairs. Someone who owns a boat and needs to pull it out of the water for repairs can order a Slip Tube shelter that conforms to the exacting height requirements of their craft, and is also quick and easy to install wherever the ship is going to reside. 

Boats typically don’t need to be placed on dry dock every year — so in many cases, owners don’t want to invest in a permanent structure for a shelter that’s only going to be needed every 5, 10, or 15 years. Slip Tube’s structures are also advantageous in this case as they can be easily removed, dismantled, or resold to another boat owner or to another professional for a different purpose once boating season comes around again. We also see our structures repurchased by the owners of the boatyards themselves and rented out at a much cheaper rate to boat owners than a permanent shelter space.

For Construction

There are also a variety of applications in construction, repair, and maintenance that call for unique shed and shelter dimensions. Aside from providing basic shelters for equipment and personnel, Slip Tube has supplied sheds as paint booths, where the required dimensions are determined by the exact nature of the painting project, as well as by industry standards. For applications like automotive painting, shelters need to have a wide enough span to accommodate vehicles and painting equipment, with additional space for ventilation and other auxiliary tools. 

Paint booths may also be situated inside of another structure, in which case the shelter needs to be both tall and wide enough to accommodate the painting activities while also being able to fit into the permanent structure. The easily customizable nature of Slip Tube’s sheds and shelters allows for these types of fine adjustments. 

Shelter height is also a consideration when dealing with construction vehicles. For example road regulations stipulate that a vehicle must be equal to or less than 13.5 feet tall, but with a construction vehicle like a dump truck, you also need to factor in the height of the loader when it is fully raised or extended. This calls for vehicle shelters that are taller than what might be expected for a normal garage. Again, Slip Tube’s steel framed structures can easily deliver. 

For Aviation

In oil and gas applications, or search and rescue operations, shelters are often needed to house small aircraft and helicopters. In remote regions, building a permanent shelter is often not feasible, so the temporary shelters offered by Slip Tube come in handy. When housing a helicopter, shelter height may be less of a consideration than width. Luckily, steel frame shelters also allow for wider free spans without additional structural support such as interior pillars. This means that our structures can be used as temporary hangars to accommodate the wing and propeller spans of even highly specialized craft. 

Steel Structures are Easily Tailored to Many Industries

The ease of accommodating wider free spans with steel structures also goes back to boating and construction, where interior pillars might take away from the useful space within a shelter. Slip Tube’s sheds and shelters allow for the largest possible sheltered interior space, and remain stable even without a lot of load-bearing supports. This makes storage and construction activities easier — vehicles can move and stop anywhere within the shelter, and equipment can be placed wherever is most convenient for the necessary activities.