14 x 20 shed

Size Offerings: High Quality 14 x 20 Sheds and Beyond

Searching for a 14 x 20 shed, or something a little more substantial? Looking to set up a shelter on a small lot and concerned about size? Need extra width to accommodate specialized equipment or vehicles? Slip Tube has you covered.

Slip Tube’s in-house custom manufacturing process allows us to build sheds, shelters and greenhouses in just about any size you can imagine. There are a few “standard” sizes that clients often ask for, and that we tend to produce most often, so if you’re a first-time customer or are unsure about exactly what size structure might work best for your needs, these can serve as a starting point.

Keep in mind that the length of a Slip Tube structure is essentially unlimited. We build our steel arches in a standard 14-foot width, and the modular design of our structures means that to make a greenhouse longer, all we have to do is add more arches. Whether you need a 14 x 20 shed or a 14 x 100 greenhouse, lengthening a custom shed can be done with no added design costs – you pay only for the additional materials.

40-foot Greenhouses to 100-foot Greenhouses and Longer

The most common dimensions we see for greenhouse orders are 40’, 80’, and 100’. If you’re a hobbyist or a smaller commercial grower, a 40 x 14 greenhouse may be more than enough to cover your needs.

For larger agricultural operations and growing, we recommend a longer greenhouse. No matter what size you choose, Slip Tube can also supply accessory systems including light deprivation and ventilation fans, so you can keep your crops protected and healthy.

40-foot Greenhouses

40 feet is a common length for greenhouses. A 40 x 14 greenhouse makes for a great backyard or hobby greenhouse, but will generally be too small for larger commercial operations.

A smaller greenhouse is a cost-effective option that’s also simple to cover and ventilate.

80-foot Greenhouses

A size in-between. An 80 x 14 foot greenhouse offers you a bit more space to expand and produce.

100-foot Greenhouses

For large agricultural operations, farms, commercial growing, a 100 x 14 greenhouse (or multiple 100 x 14 greenhouses) gives you all the space you need.

For specialized operations, we can further lengthen and even widen the greenhouse to suit your needs.

Sheds and Shelters

Our shelters can be produced in any length. While greenhouses tend to be a bit more standard, we see a wide range of variation in terms of shelter length. If you’re in search of a custom shed or shelter for a vehicle or boat, we can build the shelter to fit the exact dimensions of your craft, so you don’t end up with a shelter that’s too small – or spend money on extra space you don’t need.

Our standard 14-foot arch width is ideal for auto storage, and shelters for various equipment for personal use. Recreational watercraft, motorhomes, and personal vehicles can all fit easily into this dimension of shelter.

For personnel, construction equipment, helicopters, and search and rescue, a variety of different shelter dimensions may be needed. This can include alterations to shelter width. We can customize our sheds and shelters for a selection of wider spans, without the need for extra support pillars. Since all of our shelters are professionally engineered and made with high-quality domestic steel, you can rest assured that a widened structure will still stand up strong to the elements.

Shed and Greenhouse Width Options

The different widths that we offer in our structures are fixed – below are the “standard” widths that we offer for custom projects:

  • 14′ wide
  • 20′ wide
  • 25′ wide
  • 30′ wide
  • 40’ wide

A 14’ standard shelter is great for most personal use. For shelters, we can go up to 40’ wide (to accommodate heavy machinery, multiple large vehicles, construction equipment, and personnel teams).

In general, there isn’t as much need to widen greenhouses to this degree.

How Does Extra Length or Width Affect Cost?

It’s important to note that while length costs no more than the additional materials required to construct additional arches, we do charge an extra fee for customization of width. This is due to the extra engineering requirements associated with altering the width of a structure. We want to ensure that your widened structure is still strong enough to stand up to wind, snow, heavy rain, and anything else that a northern climate can throw at it. Professional engineering specs are also a must for any kind of permitted installation.

We use all domestic materials in all of our shelters, so you can count on a Slip Tube structure to stand the test of time.

In need of a shed or shelter? Looking for a greenhouse in a standard or non-standard size?

Whether you need a simple 100 square foot shed or something more substantial, we’re happy to provide a quote. Call us today.