Shelter structure strong

Shelter Standing The Test of Time

What’s better than when your shelter stands the test of time? This was exactly the case with this 10+ year old structure we built. Our customer called us in to install a new cover for this structure. Thankfully, the shelter was structurally rock solid! This greatly helps with our customers’ bottom line cost, as well as the efficiency of the project. Our guys got this re-cover done in just one day! Did you know that 10 years is approximately how long a shelter cover lasts? It does depend on how the structure is used and the climate it is in, but 10 years is about right. The fabric that we utilize has a 7 year sun degradation warranty. Even with an anticipated 10 year life, we do have some people call us after 15+ years for new covers which is amazing. When you build a shelter, you want it to stand up to the elements and last. That’s why going with quality matters. While covers may wear over time, the structure itself should remain strong like it did in this case. With snow, rain, storms, wind, sun, and all the other weather systems we may see throughout the years, this shelter did a great job of standing the test of time. Shelter Standing The Test of Time 1   Shelter Standing The Test of Time 3