greenhouse installation

How We Helped Lisa Upgrade Her Greenhouse

At Slip Tube we design and build our shelters with a harsh North American climate in mind. We use strong domestic steel, and manufacture our sheds, shelters, and greenhouses with the right engineering specs to stand up to tough weather conditions.

We do all this because we know how devastating it can be when a shelter doesn’t perform as it should. Collapses due to snow and wind can damage equipment and leave growers without income.

In this recent project, Lisa came to use with an issue – her original shelter, which she’d purchased from another supplier, had collapsed during the winter, leaving costly farming equipment exposed to the elements. She needed a new shelter that would protect her equipment and also provide her with a space to house starter crops in the winter.

The Design

Lisa had an existing greenhouse structure that she’d originally purchased from another supplier. Unfortunately, the greenhouse could withstand the harsh winter in Lisa’s locale. It collapsed, leaving her farming equipment unprotected. Luckily, Lisa’s greenhouse was insured so she was able to put the money toward a new shelter.

When Lisa approached us with her project, we started by checking in with her to find out what she needed, and if there were any potential challenges based on her location.

Lisa needed a shelter that was big enough to store heavy-duty farming equipment year-round. She also wanted to be able to grow plants in the shelter, so she needed to be able to control the interior climate and moisture levels.

We had a conversation about the various options that Slip Tube offers. After some discussion, we settled on a standard 25′ wide x 13′ high x 32′ long greenhouse with a 6mil clear poly cover. We also included 8’ x 8’ swing doors on both ends of the structure, and ensured that the sides of the cover could roll up, to provide adequate ventilation no matter the season.

We also took climate into consideration – since Lisa’s area tends to get a lot of snow in the winter, we moved the arches of the structure slightly closer together than standard, to ensure that the greenhouse would be able to withstand a heavy snowpack.

The interior of Lisa's greenhouse

The Installation

The planned location for Lisa’s new structure was about 100 feet from the closest parking location, so our installation team had to haul tools quite a distance across the terrain. But we’re always up for a challenge. As Lisa put it:

“I am quite happy with my Slip Tube structure, it is exactly as I hoped for. Your crew were diligent workers and yet good people to have on site, they were kind and showed me how things were put together and I noted that Neil and Shawn were careful to show Ash how things are done patiently and efficiently. It makes me happy to do business with you… and I am already recommending and crediting your company.”

–Lisa Paulson

We’re proud to offer exceptional installation service to all of our customers.

The Finished Product

Lisa’s new greenhouse structure will allow her to start her growing season earlier, by starting plants in the greenhouse environment while conditions are cool, before planting them outdoors once the weather warms.

During the winter months, Lisa can use her shed for storage. Her new Slip Tube structure is made from strong domestic steel and engineered to meet all local structural requirements, so the customer gets peace of mind that it will stand up to the elements for many years to come.

Are you in need of an upgrade? Thinking of expanding your greenhouse operations? Call Slip Tube today – we can work with you to develop a structure that fits your needs.