How to combat odour in a shelter? Bio-filter to the rescue. 1

How to combat odour in a shelter? Bio-filter to the rescue.

Slip Tube had the privilege of building this 125′ long bio-filter shelter building in Ladysmith, BC.

Our client for this project was struggling with odours, and utilizing the bio-filter aspect for this shelter deters this issue. We stepped in to build a reasonably inexpensive frame and cover this with a strong poly material including the appropriate filtering system. In order for the bio-filter to operate optimally it needs to have no rain or water on it and be protected from rain or moisture from the elements. This 125′ long shelter was built on blocks and a steel rail to fully protect the system while also accommodating all existing piping and sealing off the area from water leakage.

How does it work?

To combat the odour, the bio-filter takes the source of the smell and pumps that through a fan and large pipe into a pipe system that is covered in 6-7 feet of cedar chips to absorb the odour. There’s a “bladder” that acts like a pool liner to catch any moisture. Any residual moisture is piped into tanks and misted back into the bio-filter for further processing. If outside water gets in the bio-filter system it becomes contaminated and has to go through the full piping and mist system as well.

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