How Can We Automate Your Greenhouse? 1

How Can We Automate Your Greenhouse?

Automation allows for an enhancement in production and procedures for many industries – the growing of cannabis is no different! Did you know, cannabis plants require 12 hours of light followed by 12 hours of dark at the end of their growing cycle? A customer came to us as they needed an automated growing space for their cannabis operation. This greenhouse needed to have optimal light for growing throughout the stages of the plant, as well as automate processes to increase productivity levels. We were able to provide an automated light deprivation greenhouse system complete with motors, timers, and telescopic tube arms. These telescopic tube arms can be programmed to deploy and retract the blackout at any intervals to optimize lighting within the greenhouse. Our customer now has the ability to set the timers and motors to automatically roll up and down as needed to flip their crop, rather than having to staff the operation every 12 hours and do this procedure manually.

How Can We Automate Your Greenhouse? 2