Automated Light Deprivation Greenhouse

Automated Light Deprivation Greenhouse For the Win

What is a light deprivation greenhouse anyways? Why should I consider it for my crops? They offer an affordable growing solution for various crops especially to allow for maximizing annual yields to fluctuate with high demand times for your specific product. We have been developing and perfecting an external light deprivation system for over 10 years now to evolve and provide you with the best manual or automated systems possible. This is an example of an automated light deprivation greenhouse we just put up in Maple Ridge. The automated system allows you to not be present for every change made to the greenhouse. It’s not always realistic for someone to be on site for the 12-hour timeframe required to deploy and retract the light deprivation cover. Instead, the automated system works on your prescheduled times to simplify your day-to-day operation. Having your crops indoors has always been easier, and we are working to help simplify growing them even more. Do you have a specific crop in mind for this type of greenhouse? Reach out to us to discuss anytime! Automated Light Deprivation Greenhouse For the Win 1 Automated Light Deprivation Greenhouse For the Win 3