Shelters and Sheds

Quality Industrial and Agricultural Shelters & Sheds manufactured in Surrey, BC

Slip Tube shelters & sheds provide your equipment and machinery, your plants, and even you, durable protection from the elements. We manufacture reliable resilient structures to help protect your people and your projects so you can get the job done.

Why Choose Slip Tube Shelters & Sheds?


  • Slip Tube Enterprises Ltd. has been manufacturing quality commercial shelters & sheds for industrial worksites and agricultural operations since 1981.

Convenient, Affordable

  • Our innovative frameworks and covers create affordable buildings.
  • Our portable structures generally cost less than glass or metal alternatives.

Reliable, Durable

  • All fabric covers are treated with UV protection to prevent sun damage.
  • Strong woven covers come in multiple colours.
  • White fire-retardant covers for additional safety.

Quick and Easy Assembly, Installation

  • Less hardware is utilized than in other types of buildings, resulting in faster installation.

Standard Sizes — Dimensions

  • Width: 14′ to 42′ in 2′ increments.
  • Lean-to structures up to 24′ deep.
  • Side access shelters & sheds up to 34′ deep with openings from 20′ to 25′ wide.

Shelter & Shed Support and Services

Purchase your portable building with Slip Tube Enterprises Ltd. and we will provide services above and beyond the average ordering and delivery process.
  • We install the structure or assist your crew with installation.
  • If you choose DIY installation, we provide instruction sheets.
  • Engineering certification or inspections provided upon request.
  • We ship your building to your site upon request at fair carrier rates.
  • If financing is required we help set up lease-to-buy financing through an independent credit company.

Shelters & Sheds Options – Multi-Use, Brick and Mortar Alternatives

As a manufacturer, Slip Tube is able to build heavy-duty structures for a variety of uses. Engineered is available to satisfy authorities and fire retardant coverings are often used.

Shelters & Sheds Mounted On Containers

Containers provide extra height and storage, create a better degree of security and can be insulated and used as heated storage or offices. They’re weighted to prevent lift and at 8-feet-plus, they add height to our structures.