We Build Commercial & Industrial Greenhouses in British Columbia

In need of a high-quality commercial or industrial greenhouse in BC? Find out what greenhouses in BC are used for, how to choose a greenhouse that holds up to the BC weather, and why Slip Tube is the most experienced manufacturer and supplier of commercial greenhouses.

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    Commercial/Industrial Greenhouse Suppliers in British Columbia

    In need of a high-quality commercial or industrial greenhouse in BC? Find out what greenhouses in BC are used for, how to choose a greenhouse that holds up to the BC weather, and why Slip Tube is the most experienced manufacturer and supplier of commercial greenhouses.

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    Greenhouse Uses in BC

    Using a greenhouse significantly extends the normal growing season. The typical outdoor growing season in British Columbia ranges from three to four months depending on the part of the province. In southern BC, a commercial greenhouse can allow you to grow all year round. In northern BC, a greenhouse can give you between 7 to 9 months of growing time. The greenhouse industry in BC is centered around three main sectors:


    The most common greenhouse vegetables in BC are tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, squash, eggplants, and herbs.


    Greenhouses are used to cultivate a variety of ornamental flowers, potted plants, and foliage plants.


    Greenhouses make it possible to propagate trees, seedlings, vines, shrubs, and perennials year-round.

    Poly covered greenhouses in particular are efficient and low-cost compared to glass or polycarbonate clad greenhouses. They are also much quicker and simpler to install, which allows companies to become operational more quickly.

    Commercial/Industrial Greenhouses That Withstand BC’s Climate

    Depending on where in BC you are, the climate can pose a significant challenge to your ability to grow. Things like snowfall, rain, wind, and ice need to be considered depending on which growing zone you are located in. By ensuring that your commercial/industrial greenhouse can withstand the local weather, you can avoid very costly and inconvenient issues that arise from damage due to weather.


    Commercial/Industrial Greenhouses and Heavy Snow Loading

    Snow load is the downward force exerted on the roof of a building from the weight of accumulated snow and ice. When the weight of the snow and ice exceeds the load that a commercial greenhouse is designed to handle, the structure can fail.

    There are a few things you can do to ensure that your commercial/industrial greenhouse can withstand heavy snow loading:

    • Ensure that your greenhouse is designed and constructed especially for the location where it will be used. The winter weather varies depending on where in BC your operation is, as does the level of snowfall. Rather than using an out-of-the-box solution, it will save you money in the long run to have a properly engineered greenhouse built.
    • Promptly remove built-up snow from the top of the greenhouse after a heavy snowfall. Even if your commercial/industrial greenhouse is correctly engineered, extreme weather can still pose a danger. If heavy snowfall is followed by rain, for example, you may end up with a heavy, frozen mass on the roof.
    • Consider heating and insulation options for your commercial/industrial greenhouse. If your operation is in a very cold part of BC and there will be people working inside in the winter, you may want to heat it, which allows the snow to melt off and creates a comfortable working environment.

    Anticipate Damage Caused by Heavy Winds

    If your greenhouse operation is in an area of the province that experiences heavy windstorms, you need to consider potential hazards. Some things to think about include:

    • Position your commercial/industrial greenhouse so that there isn’t a danger of puncture from falling branches or other debris.
    • Ensure your greenhouse is not at risk of snow falling off larger neighbouring buildings.
    • Make sure the cover of your greenhouse is secure enough to prevent flapping in the wind and that the anchoring methods used are strong enough to withstand high winds.

    By choosing a trusted commercial/industrial greenhouse manufacturer and supplier, you can rest assured that you will have a high-quality, durable greenhouse that will stand the test of weather and time.

    Slip Tube Enterprises Ltd is a Top Manufacturer/Supplier of Commercial and Industrial Greenhouses

    Established in 1981, Slip Tube is a Canadian manufacturer of polyethylene greenhouses that are used in BC, across the continent, and beyond. We have extensive experience in designing, manufacturing, and supplying top-quality commercial and industrial greenhouses and can provide greenhouses for any purpose and climate. We partner with a reputable engineering firm to ensure sound design and adherence to any permit requirements you may have.

    Quality Components That Ensure Durability

    We use strong, durable arches made from the finest North American steel, which can withstand the climate in different parts of BC. The tubing is fully galvanized, and the materials have excellent resistance to corrosion so you can rest assured that your greenhouse will last throughout multiple seasons.

    We offer several polyethylene options, including Clear 4-Year UVA Treated 6-mil Poly, Anti-Drip Clear 6-mil Poly, Over Winter White Poly, 24-mil Woven Polyethylene, and more.

    Unparalleled Customization Options

    Slip Tube can build a commercial or industrial greenhouse perfectly tailored to your company’s needs. Choose from a variety of doors (4’ or 8’ doors, swing or sliding), shade cloths, straps, cranks, handles, exhaust fans, circulation fans, webbing, intake shutters, and poly tubes.

    We can assist with installing any mechanical ventilation, thermostats, humidistats, and furnaces necessary for your greenhouse growing needs. We also offer two different shapes (Gothic or Round) depending on the anticipated snow loading for your location in BC.


    Third-Generation Blackout System to Meet Light Deprivation Greenhouse Needs

    A light deprivation system provides an effective and affordable way to optimize your growing space and maximize your yields. Slip Tube’s unique external light deprivation system has been perfected over a decade and can be operated as either a manual or automated system. The advantage of this external system is that it doesn’t take away valuable space inside the greenhouse and does not create any condensation issues or micro-climates that interior blackout systems can.

    Excellent Customer Service and Support

    After providing greenhouse solutions for a variety of businesses over more than four decades, our family-owned and operated business is well-equipped to handle any commercial and industrial greenhouse needs.

    We enjoy thinking outside of the box to bring your ideas to life to ensure you get the best growing results possible. From providing site-specific engineering drawings and full installation to the relocation of greenhouses and providing a supervisor to help you through installation – we do it all!

    Wondering how Slip Tube can manufacture a commercial or industrial greenhouse tailored to your company’s needs?

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